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Italian Armorial Register

Since two years exist the Italian Armorial Register, found and edited by Sebastiano Pasquini, director of Studio Araldico Pasquini.

As in Italy doesn't exist an heraldry office for privates, the Studio Araldico Pasquini intend to create a private register where will be registered all coat of arms of private people.

I have called it Italian Armorial Register as we wish one day it will become the official register for private coat of arms, promoting heraldry, who use it, so to set up a rich, powerful and useful database of people having a coat of arms: historical families, clergymen, or any family that bear a coat of arms, included who prefer to use a goliardic coat of arms.

On the register is possible to register coat of arms, crest, badge, rebus, motto, banner, flag, standard, pennon, livery pennon, seal, ex libris and family trees.

If a private intend to register a coat of arms he has to provide all personal informations to make sure about his identity, undertaking the responsability about all he state or provide. Who intend to adopt a new coat of arms (ex novo) has to subscribe a self-certification. Goliardic coat of arms will be accepted only if shown that they are used since one year and with its own nickname.

After we register the coat of arms that the applicant will submit, we will issue a registration certificate and abstract where will be written all the details of the registration.

For now the register will be published only online, but as soon as it will have enough coat of arms, it will be printed in hard copy with all details of the applicants and it will be donated to one italian state archives together all documents attached to the registrations.

The site of the Italian Arnorial Register for now is only in italian but as soon as possible it will have also an english language version.

The registration of a coat of arms is free and the address of the site is this: while the email where to send inquiries is

Sebastiano Pasquini

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