Joshua Ray Jongema (le_veritas) wrote in heraldry,
Joshua Ray Jongema

The Five Important Colors You Should Know.

White- Light
Black- Dark
Red- Hate
Blue- Love
Yellow- Can anyone tell me what yellow means?

What is important about these colors? Nothing. However, they may be used to represent certain life changing ideologies- so we keep them kicking around to manipulate people with.
What use I have for them today comes from a self revelation.
I was blue, but I was touched by black.
I became red, because I wanted to fight back.
Then when the white came to show me the way,
I needed my blue nature in order to accept.
Lost amongst the wild red,
I clung to principles designed to hold.
When once upon a time one came,
And kissed me on the cheek,
Saying I love you.
Thereon I was cured, and
accept white I do.
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