belianis (belianis) wrote in heraldry,

Is Anybody Here A Designer of Heraldry ...

... such as myself? I want to improve the dismal pseudoheraldry that dominates the entire American continent, and any help with that mighty task is most welcome.
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Since the heraldic design I generally do is with a view towards designing medieval, and not modern, heraldry, I generally start with sending people towards the Medieval Heraldry Archive,
Heraldry based on medieval principles is what America needs. Look at the WIKI article of Rio Negro, a province of Argentina. Its flag and arms are no better than mediocre; if its government asked me, I would give it the following arms, which are perfect for an armorial banner:
Or a fess sable, in chief and base a castle vert with windows and gate gules.
The fess is the Black River; the castles are the towns that were the beginning of the province: Mercedes de Patagones--north of the river--and Carmen de Patagones, to the south; the or, the vert and the gules represent the colors of the apples and pears that are the main products of Rio Negro.